Our Purpose

Our Purpose

At one of life’s most significant moments, we provide genuine care and affordable choices for everyone, now and into the future.


Our Values

Genuine Care

■ We show empathy for others, especially at the worst time of their lives

■ We provide emotional support for each other

■ We have the courage to speak up when something is wrong because we care about the outcome

Respect Diversity

■ We actively listen and give others our attention

■ We respect the work and opinion of everyone

■ We go the extra mile to meet specific cultural needs and differences

One Team

■ We communicate with each other clearly, transparently and honestly

■ We collaborate cross functionally to solve problems

■ When something needs to be done, we go out of our way to help each other

Deliver Excellence

■ We take pride in what we do

■ We attend to tasks with our full attention and follow through on our commitments

■ We go above and beyond to achieve the best outcomes for the community