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31 October 2023

Metropolitan Memorial Parks 2022-23 Annual Report

24 August 2023

High quality directors sought for new Metropolitan Memorial Parks Board

The NSW Government has begun the search for highly skilled and experienced people to join the new Metropolitan Memorial Parks Board when it is established later this year.

This marks another major milestone as the former crown cemetery land managers (which includes Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager, Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Land Manager and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager) transition towards an exciting new future as a united entity. 

In his media statement announcing the search, NSW Lands Minister Steve Kamper states the Board will be “supported by the Government to oversee Metropolitan Memorial Parks’ operations and work on interesting opportunities and challenges, including creating more cemetery space for Sydney, helping rethink the role cemeteries play as shared public open spaces, and engaging with key faith communities and stakeholders to meet consumer needs.”

The Board will play a critical governance role for the organisation, representing the long-term interests of the people of NSW as the body which is responsible for the strategy and performance of Metropolitan Memorial Parks.

The Public Service Commission has determined that the Board will be a skills-based board made up of seven members, including the Chair. 

The Minister has flagged that he is looking for people with skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Financial management
  • Governance and risk management
  • Organisational performance
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Commercial strategy
  • Legal.

Other desirable experience includes place management, construction and development, change management and information technology. Diversity and multiculturalism will be highly valued. I expect that the final Board will include some directors with experience in the cemetery sector and others who will bring fresh experience to the role.

The Board search process is being conducted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, with the Board roles to be advertised in major metropolitan newspapers, online and government board sites. More details and the candidate information pack can be found here.

In parallel with this, the Metropolitan Memorial Parks Administrator, Mr. Ken Morrison, will shortly commence the search process for a permanent CEO timed so that the final CEO appointment decision will be made by the new Board.

These two milestones are an important step towards ensuring the provision of affordable interments for all communities, and long-term sustainability of crown cemeteries in NSW.

19 July 2023

Crown Land Manager  

Metropolitan Memorial Parks established to support communities to farewell and remember their loved ones 

NSW Lands and Property Minister Stephen Kamper announced Metropolitan Memorial Parks as the name of the newly merged organisation that has amalgamated three crown land managers. 

Effective from 1 July, this decision brings together the operations of the former Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager, Northern Metropolitan Cemeteries Land Manager and Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Land Manager. 

Newly appointed Administrator Ken Morrison says, “the new name reflects the important services we provide to the community – supporting people to grieve, celebrate life, and remember loved ones, as well as providing much-needed green space for the community.” 

“The NSW Government has provided us with a clear directive to amalgamate the three crown cemetery operators and we are getting on with the job.”  

“This important step means we can now take the necessary steps to ensure the provision of available and affordable interments for all communities, and long-term sustainability of the crown land we manage.”  

Under the new two-operator Crown cemetery model Metropolitan Memorial Parks will work in partnership with NSW Crown Lands, Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW, and the Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria, to manage and address the cemetery land issue. 

To recognise the amalgamation, on 23 June Community faith leaders joined Minister Kamper and Mr Morrison for the official launch of Metropolitan Memorial Parks.  All in attendance welcomed the merger, as it ended two years of uncertainty across the crown land sector.  

“Importantly, we have taken a significant step towards addressing the growing concern about the future supply and demand of cemetery space,” Mr Morrison said. 

“We in a much stronger position to confidently plan for the future.”  

To witness the launch formalities, please watch the video below: